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Vegan Clean Eating – Get rid of convenience foods!

More and more people are opting for a vegan diet. Those who eat a vegan diet consciously do without animal products. In addition to meat and fish, vegans also do without ingredients such as eggs and milk. The personal reasons for a purely plant-based diet are varied and are, for example, ethically or health motivated. What is certain, however, is that the vegan diet offers numerous health benefits with a balanced composition of ingredients.

However, too many tasks, deadlines and stress often lead many vegans to resort to industrially processed products. Unfortunately, highly processed foods and convenience products contain fewer essential nutrients and minerals than fresh produce. Consuming industrial products therefore inhibits the health benefits of a purely plant-based diet.

My entry into the vegan diet: Eat more veggies!

During my semester abroad in 2015 in beautiful Brittany, I embarked on a culinary voyage of discovery. Dishes away from fried potatoes with bacon, schnitzel and co. seduced me more and more to vegetarian dishes. My absolute highlight were the typical Breton galettes filled with cheese – here I realized that good food for pleasure can also do without meat. Therefore, I began to study ingredient lists on products and became interested in meatless dishes. Unfortunately, I was amazed at the many additives in supposedly healthy foods and opened my eyes to a lack of animal welfare in livestock farming.

A healthier diet with lots of vegetables and unprocessed foods therefore made its way into my everyday life all by itself. I received a lot of encouragement and support from my social environment, which supported me in my alternative diet. It was therefore easy for me to integrate the vegetarian diet into my everyday life.

Then in 2021, I discovered the physical benefits of a vegan diet. I used up all the non-vegan products in my stash and gradually began replacing all non-animal products with vegan ingredients. After just a few weeks, noticeable changes began to take place. I felt fitter and achieved better athletic performance.

In a short time I learned numerous new dishes that can be prepared amazingly fast and succeed easily.

The vegan food blog: Enjoy natural and natural

The food blog loeffelundliebe is my very personal heart project. On the blog I have compiled quick and easy recipes that should make it easier for you to get started with vegan and natural nutrition. Practical baking and cooking tips help you additionally with the implementation of the recipes.